Fifty Shades whhaaaa

Why I didn’t like the movie… a ramble…
lets start with first off, yes I liked the books, and before you go off… I liked my reworking of the books…I will always stand behind these books… as I worked in an adult store before and after the books entered the world, I saw just want it to the industry and will be forever grateful as it opened up peoples minds, relationships and thoughts towards sex and all the comes with it (ha pun intended) it made a taboo subject mainstream… it got people talking to each other which leads to a better understanding and better relationships and sex… so fifty shades hoary!
it’s an easy to read book as well… and it’s not written that great, I’m sorry but it’s not, I could have done with some rewrites, so I took a pen and crossed out lines and dog eared my favs so I don’t have to read all the stuff I found bad :/ but all that aside, I did like and I do reread.

when the movie was pitched, I was pretty happy, I’m not one to be snobby about books turned into movies, I like it, they are two completely different mediums so they aren’t comparable… one books are really about you and your imagination and how you tone it extra… movies are the complete opposite, it’s dangerous if someone takes a book you hold dear and has a different take on it that you did… but all in all, as I re read my favs a lot it’s nice to have a quicker way of experiencing it if you aren’t in the reading frame of mind…
I knew fifty shades would be different, due to the high amount of sex and I wondered if it was gonna be any good, but I had intended to still give it a shot.
first came the casting choices… I was a bit disappointed… I remember when names got thrown around and I made the mistake of latching on to ideas… big mistake!!
When the final choices were made, I was bummed, I just didn’t see Christian like that, and Ana either for that matter, I accepted this though cause we all saw him as we idolize, yes there is a description in the book, but when you refer to him as just good looking throughout the rest we can kind of take our own liberties…
now don’t get me wrong, these actors are both good looking… but just not what I pictured…
then came the trailer…
the elevator scene, hmmm yeah alright… but the rest, I’m sorry but why are they speaking so softly? she almost has baby voice… I was to say the least, underwhelmed.

I decided to wait, I was in no hurry to see it, I was fairly sure it was going to disappoint me and I wanted to put that off, but I just had to see it…

the movie

finally decided to see it…

yes baby talk?? throughout, dang it… I have nothing against the actors per say, ‘Ana’ actually surprised me at first, she had a cute moment early on that almost had me turn to her side, but then lost me again quickly… I really didn’t like her hair… I know that nit picking, but hey…Christian while good looking, and I don’t blame the actor for the ramble that follows, but I heard his accent… whoopsy….

Is that what they think!!

This is what bothers me about this and other movies, there is an image out there now, that the reason why women like fifty shades is because his rich, good looking and buys her things…
the movie took away everything I ACTUALLY liked about Christian!
I don’t give a crap about his money! I don’t give a crap about him buying her expensive things, I liked the fact that Ana really refused them (at first) which wasn’t really portrayed in the movie if at all.
Christian is a confident, domineering, cold business man, who slowly changes with his relationship with Ana, he softens slowly, he has a sense of humour.
These moments, in the book show… and come out more so, particularly when he makes love to her for the first time, and all the things he says to her…

in the movie – no words spoken

in fact in the books mostly Christian comes out just before, during or after sex with the words he says and in the movie, there is no words… at all :/

the morning after, he asks how she is and how it was for her… also while being pretty sexy about it…

in the movie – no words spoken

when she writes a email saying it was nice knowing him… this scene is probably the closest to the book, however still not many words spoken 😦

the first time he spanks her he is turned on and has sex again, then leaves and returns after an email from her that she might no like him anymore, he takes care of her and stays the night…

in the movie – he spanks her and leaves

above the boat house scene, in the book an important scene that demonstrates that Ana does in fact have power, he is going to spank her and she says no, it’s a great scene…

in the movie – different!

Ana – was shy about her body at first at least and he told her not to be, in the sexy complimentary and domineering way he does – in the movie, she is walking around in see through shirts, comes out of the bedroom naked after the first love making all freely and strips pretty un-shy if you ask me

him worrying about her! the change up with the discussing the contract scene I was worried about when it didn’t take place at dinner, he didn’t walk her to car and didn’t see her car to be worried about her on her drive home mix with her not answering and then Shanghai her at the graduation ceremony displaying his concern…and of course his control ways but also showing us a little emotional side to him escaping in just how much she is getting to him and what it means when he’s not in control….

in the movie – he didn’t walk her to her car, there was no showing he had worried about her that night, no coming to talk to her a bit unravelled and just buying her a new car… that didn’t even have they coolest part of their discussion about the new car he brought …. grrrrr

I really could go on, but these things bother me most of all… there is more to his character then was depicted in the movie, and like I said it bothers me cause now there is an image that I like him cause of his wealth, good looks and the fact he buys her everything! soooo not the case
complicated, flawed…he’s dominate, power mad, sometimes a jerk, a subtle humour, cares about her, looks after her (not in the money sense) enjoys she looks after him, he’s kinky as hell, complimentary, yet actually listens, relinquishes control when needed, admires her intelligence, shares interest, very forth coming when he is turned on…
I find it interesting cause twilight suffered much the same book to movie changes (which is funny as fifty shades is a fan fiction from twilight)
and it suggested the same thing… the tone of the story changed, and Edward was really shown as very similar to the way Christian is in the movie and again shares this image with the world that that is why we liked them! Edward to, has humour, talks more then he does in the movie, there is so much more to him then just his looks and money.

Can I just say, that is not what I want!! I don’t want a millionaire ‘greek god’ douchebag who is only facial expressions, long stares and follows me to the point of stalking…. though an interest in me and my safety is pretty sweet 😀
I like everything else about them…. they were closed off until the met this particular girl… they might be controlling, (and in the bedroom that is just fine and dandy 😉 but it comes from a good place, and they do actually listen when the girl is vehemently against what they are talking about! they have tender moments, humour and sarcasm, like intelligence… and the females back need to show more as well!
we care just as much, we want to protect them just as much, hurt when they hurt, want to call them ‘mine’ just as much… ahhh
fifty shades of zzzzzzz


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