When was the last time you looked up?


I’m a lover of Facebook, I’m a lover of all social media… I found it has really brought me closer to others, I get to stay in touch and in peoples day to day lives when I’m not able to be there physically.  And it’s the small every day things that I believe get forgotten about in long distance relationships that ultimately drive people apart.  So for this I’m grateful for this modern age of technology, where I can see how someone’s day was, I can see their face, what they wore that day, what was on their mind and what emoji was the flavour of that day.

I have seen others come and go from Facebook back claiming ‘they need a break’ for a while.  I’ve talked to some of these people and asked what they needed a break from? They have admitted they got addicted, and let it rule their lives, they have admitted to using it as a ‘replacement’ for staying in contact with people and let them retreat into their own bubble.  I can definitely see how this can happen… it’s so easy to use our phones as the only means of communication… I made sure not to fall into this trap but asking myself, when was the last time I looked up… I didn’t mean to ask myself when I tilted my face towards the sun and felt it’s beautiful warmth… though that to is important. I meant looked up from the screen.   I remember sitting in food courts, before, I would eat and watch people happily, as an observer I loved watching peoples movements and faces.  Interactions with others, wondering what was being discussed, why they looked angry or happy.  Now less than two seconds in my seat and positioning my food around being able to see my phone screen properly my face was cast downward to it’s blue glare… I hated this, why did I need to fill this space, I used to love that space.  I used to love watching movies and not being disturbed, in fact talk to me about something not this movie related, whether it be the first time or the 50th time I’ve watched and you would have some squinted eyes and annoyed thoughts your way. But these days, I’m checking my phone within seconds of the opening credits.  When was the last time you looked up…

At work I could go hours in the ultimate slow day, not seeing another human and still have no need to press that button in hopes that in the last few seconds brought a new notification my way.

Being in a car with a someone, a person with intriguing thoughts of their own and we are choosing to scroll through facebook to see what it has to offer instead… cruising down the halls of a shopping centre we choose to be somewhat of a nuisance with eyes diverted down to our phones and people having to move around us to avoid a clash cause that social media just can’t wait.  And the most scary, I know some, who have absolutely no shame in not only admitting but practically boosting about checking and texting back while driving!  When was the last time you looked up!

Our phones didn’t come with an evil brain installed to absorb us… that I know of, we did this to ourselves, but that’s actually the good news, we did it, so we can undo it!   I, again am a lover of social media, but we can control ourselves and limit it to what we feel is the right amount.  I personally never want to PANICK if my phone goes flat, (unless it’s needed for emergency reasons) the reason you’re panicking, to me, shouldn’t be because I don’t know how to fill the time otherwise… I shouldn’t be willing to scratch my face off if someone says ‘no phones allowed at work’ my imagination and work duties are all I used to need. I would like to be able to ‘watch’ the whole movie, I never want a text message to be more important that my life, but certainly not more than someone else’s… I want to have a conversation with the person sitting next to me on a drive so the driver can also be entertained and not just from the noise from my phone that they themselves can’t watch.  I want to remember there is a world that is happing right in front of me, right now, and that later I can check on what happened elsewhere… I want to look up!

So I whenever I feel my hand reaching for my phone for the umpteen time, I ask myself, is that important, are you just bored? Or just simply, when was the last time you looked up?


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