1000 stares

the force of a 100 eyes cast upon you

do you feel vulnerable in all you do

he knows this feeling all to well

into his normality it quickly fell

questions in their minds they will never ask

as only their eyes his way they will cast

but he happily make is way in this place

with a happy smile upon his face

he wears the burden of a 1000 stares

just cause there are wheels upon his chair

he’ll happily say howdy, or how is your day

if you are caught going his way

but rarely do your words find him

if only you could offer a grin

there is not harm he could cause

even if the sight of him gives you a pause

don’t be ashamed thoughts

those he hasn’t caught

merely say something, offer your words

maybe discover you’re both anime nerds

take the sadness out of you eyes

he asks no pity or made up lies

he is just like you when it gets right down

only he has a wheeled chair to get him around

but please next time you cast your stare

upon someone with a wheeled chair

try to feel what it’s like to wear

the burden of a 1000 stare

and please in stead offer a grin

it’s how everyone’s day should end, middle and begin


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