I’m outraged and disgusted at the moment upon hearing of a facebook page supported by males, and posting naked pictures of Ex girlfriends. While that in itself is horrible. It goes further, one there is nothing the girls can do about getting the photos down cause apparently you loose rights to your own pictures the minute you send them somewhere, two, any woman pleading to get the photos down succumbs to mockery and three, people are blaming the woman more.

I want to take you back for a minute, to when the celebrity nude selfie scandal was around, I saw so many people blaming the woman, for taking the photos in the first place and storing them on their phones…. I still cannot get my head around this notion. Your phone is YOUR PROPERTY. If you are in a trusted relationship why wouldn’t you send intimate photos and conversation to each other, I’m sure everyone does. And you would all hate anything to get out. But there is simply nothing wrong with exploring your own sexuality and feeling good to take photos of yourself on your personal property. But what I don’t is why everyone is like “oh well she should have known better” “that’s what you get” I’m sorry but this is THEFT! Someone had to HACK into their phones to get it. If someone had broke into their house and stolen photos, would you be saying the same thing. A persons bag is stolen people don’t go around saying you should have a bag. What about a mother having photos of their child on their phones, and then those photos stolen for paedophile websites, would it be her fault!? Everyone stores their own photos of their phones, because it is their PERSONAL device, we put passwords etc to lock them, but if someone breaks into it’s THEFT, there is absolutely nothing wrong with what the victims have done. And I am appalled that anyone anywhere would think differently. If a house gets broken into, it’s the robbers fault, a bank, the robbers, a business the robbers, but apparently a personal device isn’t? People these days steal movies and music constantly and nobody goes around saying its movie company’s fault. Now again this battle is faced, which baffles me, it’s our fault for sending sexy pictures to a boyfriend, yet everywhere the use of a female sexy posed to sell things in advertisement. It’s held up as an idol, so to try and maybe compete, or draw attention back to us, or even cause we think that’s what they want cause it’s postered everywhere, or hell even if you felt sexy and decided to send him a photo in preparation the next time you two see eachother, what ever the reason, we send a sexy photo, to our boyfriend, there is nothing wrong with that, when that boyfriend turns ex FOR WHATEVER REASON there is no right on their part to share trusted things to the world… it again is THEFT, it’s a violation. Now at first I want to be angry and share, well men be careful cause I’m sure woman have a lot more on men then we can share to embarrass you! But instead a wise woman I know said to me we should make a movement and reclaim the nude selfie. I worried cause then in itself is giving permission for naked pictures of us to ever be on the internet. But I put this to you… isn’t better to be proud of it! Yes in that moment, you were in a loving relationship, you felt sexy, you had reasons for sharing your naked form and you felt great doing it… remember the way you felt when you sent it. And reclaim it as yours. #takebackyourphoto For anyone wanting to join, simply post the same photo with that hash tag… Or send me they photo and I will photoshop clothing or anything to cover you naked bits if you desire. But in every #takebackyourphoto Share the name of the person who betrayed your trust in sharing it to begin with! These men need to be aware what they have done is violating, it’s villainess it’s disgusting and women need to be warned about them. Share the villain and take back your photo



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