Greetings and Salutations

This would be the part I introduce myself, with maybe ‘about me’ but I always hated that title 🙂

Sometimes, I sit, and rant, I have thoughts on things, I have things I want to share, fight for, listen to, comment about, want to remember.

that’s what this is for 😀

I’m Tamika, currently 33.  I love learning new things, and about people, I am a strong believer in educating yourself further in life and through life, I believe in getting through life the best way I can, and if I have learnt something, I definitely want to share that with people to try and make their life easier if I can.

I believe in being kind,  I believe human nature is our downfall but also our biggest asset.  and it’s sometimes hard to stay who you are.

my strongest advice, from someone who wants to be a nice person, is don’t let other peoples actions change who you are… I came to this many times over, but the example I can give, is something we face every day, when people are rude to you, you don’t need to be rude back.  Sure fight is good and I’m not saying being walked over, but I realised one day, when I was rude to someone back, I felt horrible for ages, but it wasn’t cause I was mad at the person, or living what the did over and over, it was feel bad at me, feeling guilt over what I said, I thought this was crazy, I mean they had brought it on themselves, what I said was justified, but I realised I don’t want to be that person, I don’t wanna be rude cause you are being rude to me, I don’t want to feel bad cause I said something bad, their words will go away, they can bounce off me, or I can remember they aren’t true, but my words! my words are inside me, they ring in my ears and leave bad tastes on my tongue.

so from there, I decided that I wouldn’t let the actions of others, change who I wanted to be… I want to be kind and respectful…hopefully funny and crazy to but, nice…


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